Jane Orser

Jane Orser (HBSc, BEd, MEd)


Jane graduated from Laurentian University, in 1990, where she was awarded an Honors Bachelor of Sciences, with a major in Biochemistry, and a Certificate of Bilingualism. She then completed a Bachelor of Education (in French), in 1991, with concentrations in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, from the University of Ottawa.

In her first two years of teaching, Jane taught junior and senior secondary level Mathematics and Chemistry for the Conseil Scolaire Catholique de l’Ontario in Sudbury, before moving to Vancouver British Columbia, in 1993. She continued to pursue teaching the subjects that she loved at St. Thomas More Collegiate from 1993 – 1996 and was Mathematics Department Head from 1994 – 1996. Following her three-year tenure, she taught for the Vancouver School District from 1996 – 2009 and was Science Department Head from 2001 – 2009.

Jane’s love for learning and desire to hone her leadership skills lead her to the University of British Columbia, where she was awarded a Master of Education, in Educational Administration, in 2000, as well as a Leadership Preparation Program Certificate from the Vancouver School District, in 2002.

Her many leadership roles included building school timetables, Coordinator for Prince of Wales High School International Education Program, as well as mentoring and evaluating student-teachers. Jane also co-chaired the Accreditation Committee for Prince of Wales Secondary School. This two-year program was mandated by BC Ministry of Education. Jane also worked with a team to develop and implement the school growth plan, and set forth school policies, with “best practice”, to ensure the most conducive learning environment for students.

Today, Jane is COO of Kessinger Consulting, in West Vancouver, British Columbia.