Jane Orser

Jane Orser

Jane Orser (HBSc, BEd, MEd)

Jane graduated from Laurentian University with an Honors Bachelor of Sciences, majoring in Biochemistry, and a Certificate of Bilingualism. She then completed a Bachelor of Education specializing in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, from the University of Ottawa.  She taught Math and Science, in both private and public schools, in Ontario and British Columbia.

Jane’s love for learning and desire to hone her leadership skills lead her to the University of British Columbia, where she was awarded a Master of Education, in Educational Administration.  Her leadership roles included Mathematics Department Head, Science Department Head, International Education Program Coordinator, co-chair Accreditation Committee, co-chair School Timetable Committee, as well as mentoring and evaluating student-teachers. 

Her passion for lifelong learning and finding a way to connect with students have always guided her as an educator.

Today, Jane is COO of Kessinger Consulting, in Vancouver, British Columbia.