Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)-Certified Online Courses

Canada Nord Academy

Kessinger Consulting is proud to partner with Canada Nord Academy. This partnership gives international students the ability to complete the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) online.

Our Packages

Online Courses Available

Grade 9

BC Offshore School Consulting Services

Grade 10

We provide application support to students applying to Canadian Universities

Grade 11

Personal Statement Essay Edits for Canadian University Applicants

Grade 12

female student in a video conference call

ESL and Ontario Secondary School Literacy Courses

BC Offshore School Consulting Services

About Kessinger Consulting

We are a Canadian education consulting firm, offering expertise in school operations and management, facility design, co-curriculum development, student assessment and extracurricular program development, including athletics and fine arts.



About Canada Nord Academy

Canada Nord Academy (CNA) is an online high school in Ontario, Canada. Compared with traditional on-site high schools, Canada Nord Academy provides students with a powerful online learning management system with flexible access to Ontario high school courses.