Course Admission:

Once students complete the IELTS Comprehensive Course Registration Form or the IELTS Modules Available for Audit Registration Form online and payment is received, students will be sent login credentials to allow them access to their chosen course.  Students can expect an email with instructions within 2 business days of payment, excluding Official Holidays which may take longer than 2 business days.

Student Code of Conduct:

It is the responsibility of each student:

  • to treat all other students, instructors, and guests with respect, in all interactions and communications
  • to comply with the information technology policies set forth by the instructor
  • to participate respectfully and professionally in peer reviews and team projects while becoming familiar and abide by all course policies and procedures

Student Privacy:

Kessinger Consulting Ltd. restricts access to course sites.  Student login credentials and class resources shall not be shared at any time.

Tuition fees:

All tuition and fees are non-refundable and are non-exchangeable. All payments are processed online.

Course Changes:

Kessinger Consulting strives to maintain class sizes that are the most conducive to creating the optimal learning environment.  If a course must be rescheduled prior to the start date, students will receive notification and will be enrolled in the next available class.  Students may alternately choose to enroll in a different course section.  Kessinger Consulting will work with each student to find the best resolution in the event of any change.



Once students have registered for the course, they will be sent a link to a Pre-Assessment that must be completed before starting the course. Students will be given 60 minutes to complete the online Pre-Assessment. The test results are confidential and will only be seen by the individual student and the instructor.  The student will then be placed in an appropriate course level.  This will ensure that instructors can provide the best opportunity for student success.


Instructors have limited time outside of class hours to respond to student emails.  However, instructors will make every effort to answer emails about questions arising from difficulty in understanding course content, requests for feedback about graded assignments, and issues appropriate for discussion within the instructor-student relationship. Instructors typically respond within the week of the lesson.

Intellectual Property Rights:

Students shall avoid the improper use of the intellectual property of others and refrain from plagiarism and cheating. Violations may result in dismissal from the course, with a failing grade.

Online Learning:

Students are expected to:

  • be present for all online classes
  • complete weekly assignments, assessments, discussions and/or other tasks, as directed by the instructor and outlined in the syllabus
  • submit course assignments through the course portal or as directed by the instructor

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their computer files holding course assignments and materials are virus-free. Files that fail our institution’s virus checker software will not be opened or accepted. The course software standards for submission are Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Assignments completed in other formats will not be accepted unless previous arrangements with the instructor have been made.


Success in our courses is dependent on student’s active participation and engagement throughout the course. As such, students are required to complete all assignments by the due date and to actively participate in class discussions. Past due assignments will not be marked by the instructor and will affect the student’s progress in the course. Assignment due date at 11:59 PM on the due date.