IELTS Comprehensive Course


The IELTS Comprehensive Course is taught by BC Certified IELTS instructors & examiners.  This is an interactive 4-week course, integrating speaking, listening, reading & writing, that is designed specifically to model the actual IELTS exam.

Course Description:

The IELTS Comprehensive Course is taught by Qualified BC Teachers from Vancouver Canada, that are also certified as IELTS instructors and examiners.  The course is interactive and runs for 4-weeks integrating speaking, listening, reading & writing. Completion of the course gives students a distinct advantage in writing the IELTS exam.

Courses include 28 hours of live instruction and evaluations, including 3 mock IELTS exams.

Courses are offered at different times to accommodate students worldwide.  Please check the IETLS Comprehensive Course  – 2021 Calendar for class schedules.  New courses begin each month.

Course Objectives:

  • Students will participate in an online classroom streamed live from Vancouver, Canada, and will interact with the instructor while completing four modules designed specifically to model the actual IELTS exam.
  • Students are tested throughout each module and receive feedback from the instructor at key times of instruction, dramatically increasing the student’s ability to raise their IELTS score throughout the course.
  • Students also gain new knowledge and understanding that will prepare them for education, employment and citizenship in Canada, USA, UK and Australia.
  • Students will complete a total of 3 mock IELTS exams throughout the course with feedback given after each one.
  • 90% of our students boost their band level one tier or more after completing our IELTS Comprehensive Course.

Program Requirements:

Once students have registered for the course, they will be sent a link to a Pre-Assessment that must be completed before starting the course. Students will be given 60 minutes to complete the online Pre-Assessment. The test results are confidential and will only be seen by the individual student and the instructor.  The student will then be placed in an appropriate course level.  This will ensure that instructors can provide the best opportunity for student success.

Fees include:

  • Course Registration
  • Comprehensive Pre-Assessment exam that tests the student’s current reading, writing, listening & speaking skills
  • An interactive online classroom streamed live from Vancouver Canada, with Qualified BC Teachers that are doubly certified as IELTS instructors and examiners
  • 28 hours of live instruction & evaluation
  • ½ hour of tutorial time following each lesson
  • All course materials
  • Feedback & Assessments throughout the course
  • 3 mock IELTS exams

Registration Deadline:

Registration deadline is the 15th of the month prior to the start of the course.   New courses start every month.

IELTS Comprehensive Course

IELTS Comprehensive Course

IELTS Modules Available For Audit